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Xpocket Bugout Series Outerwear


Convertible Rain Gear - A Pullover Plus An Easy To Carry Cargo Pack All-in-one


Xpocket Bugout Series (Camo) in shirt mode


Xpocket Bugout Series (Camo) in sling-pack mode

The Xpocket, hooded pullover converts into a sling-pack and offers access to the cargo pocket in either mode. The garment performs well as an outer shell in nasty conditions and is perfect for any full-day outdoors as the weather changes. Use it just as effectively as pack and have protective outerwear in a pinch!

Notice: Xpockets are no longer for sale on this website. We apologize for the inconvenience. For information on how to buy Xpockets or if you're interested in licensing the Xpocket patent, please contact Jarvis Green at 717-793-1422 or email him at

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